There are no “masters.” All of us–Buddha, Ramana, Nisargadatta, Dalai Lama, are just ordinary human beings. We tell you that explicitly, but you refuse to believe it. Ask yourself why you refuse to believe it.

A guru is just a human being like yourself. “Guru” simply means teacher.
There is a time in life to have a teacher, perhaps, but that person should never be worshiped. Listen to the message-but kill the messenger.

Reincarnation is nonsense. You are having enough trouble and suffering right now in this life. Why would you ever want another. If you will simply awaken to this very moment, you will not even want another moment, much less another life. You will not want anything.

There is no path, and no one to walk it. Gradual awakening is a fantasy which imagines time and space which do not exist. One awakens to truth now. Only now.

You are standing in a river dying of thirst. All you desire is here now.
You are that. Stop riding a donkey looking for a donkey.

Scripture is dead. Only you are alive. Forget words, and find out what you are. Everything you need to know will be apparent to you if you simply become silent. Don’t listen to what others believe, just be yourself.

Robert Saltzman, posted to NondualitySalon

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