Non Duality Press’s reissue of Jean Klein’s Transmission of the Flame is a welcome event. More and more I feel Jean Klein was a figure of the stature of Krishnamurti or Nisargadatta, and his teachings perhaps clearer than either. In this book, carefully edited by Emma Edwards, we find a series of a dialogues illustrating different facets of the understanding. Klein’s wisdom is penetrating and full of love, and his teachings a continual invitation to drop into the unknown.

We often hear, “First I will make money and then I will retire and devote myself to truth seeking”…

This comes from the calculating mind. It is a statement from complete ignorance. There is nothing functional in this reasoning. It is only a postponing… What is important is that you feel an inner need to be. Then your surroundings – what belongs to you – arrange themselves accordingly. Existence on this earth gives everyone the opportunity to know Life and to be awake in Life. What we are looking for is our nearest.

On Listening, Klein writes:

Listening is our basic nature. We are more or less accustomed to listening to an object, to our surroundings and to our nearest environment: body, senses and mind. But I speak of today of that listening where there is nothing to listen to.

You can never think this listening, you can never objectify it, you can never fix it; and in listening there’s not a listener, there’s no place for a listener, a controller, a doer, for an enjoyer, for a sufferer. Listening is free from all furniture, from all memory. It is a non state. In a state you go in and come out; listening is a continuum. Wen you are listening to your body, senses and mind, then your listening is completely open; there’s no grasping, no taking. The perceived comes directly from your openeness.

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