Ah what a joke! What a paradox! What a fiasco! That when all seeking comes to an end it is seen that what we were seeking all along is the absence of the seeker.

The seeker themselves is a contraction, a thought-form made of ideas that stand in opposition to the flow of life.

The seeker thrashes around, writhing with pain, desperately pushing forward in various directions via pursuits and mechanisms all intended to release him from suffering. And yet the true nature of the suffering he has been experiencing all these years is 100% centred around the false identification of himself as someone who can become free.

The more we seek, the more we suffer.

The more ‘I’ try to find personal salvation the greater I entangle myself in the net.

It is like jumping into a burning car and driving like the wind to escape the heat. The faster we drive, the more we fan the flames.

When this is finally seen it’s just like an explosion. An entire system recognises that its whole trajectory has been based on a fundamental misunderstanding. Nothing can describe the utter shock of seeing how much energy has been wasted in pursuit of something which can never occur.

As Rumi said, “Knocking at the door. It opens. I have been knocking from inside.’

What does this mean?

It means the one knocking so forcefully simply doesn’t exist! This ‘hero’ upon the journey we call our lives is a phantasm, a collection of ideas, jumbled concepts & misplaced identifications.

It’s really not that the door opens at all. It’s that we discover there was no one knocking and no door. Just the vastness of empty-space. The universe simply being itself, as it always has, completely uninterested or concerned by the frantic drama of a man beating down a door like he was being pursued by wolves.

When it’s over, bloody hands are nursed, the clouds rush in from the ocean, a blackbird descends to the red earth in search of a juicy worm. Nothing has changed at all and yet everything has changed. What was always empty is now seen as empty. Misunderstanding and it’s byproduct psychological suffering, comes to an end. The old habits of the body/mind continue for a while on momentum but start to dissipate.

The sea comes in and goes out every day.

Tall trees crack if the wind is strong enough.

The Way unfolds.

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