Ordinary Freedom is a collection of the dialogues by oneĀ  Jon Bernie, a student of Adyashanti, published with customary excellence by Non Duality Press.

This is actually a fantastic and eloquent expression of non duality teachings, and definitely one of my favourite books of late. It starts as it means to go on, with a paragraph that really makes you stop and think.

Awakening in its essence is simply being here. It’s not the thought, ‘being here,’ or a story you tell yourself internally: ‘I’m being here.’ There is no thinker or storyteller. There is no one who is being here.

Now if I were forced to try an explain what non duality is in a few brief sentences, that might be one of the best replies one could come up with.

Amazingly, all you need to learn is simply to be available to what is. That’s all that’s required. But instead we often tend to go, ‘I want this, but not that. I want the bliss, the oneness, the joy, but I don’t want the pain, the fear, the grief, the anger,’ Ironically, a lot of so-called teaching is just pointing out that not wanting.

It’s not the experience itself – pain, fear, whatever – that’s the problem. It’s the resistance to that experience: the trying to get rid of it, the trying to fix it, the trying to understand it. I call that the primary resistance. That resistance is usually unconscious, but it can come to the surface if your willing to really stay with your experience. That’s actually all that’s required, just hanging in there. Of course, that can sometimes be more challenging than it sounds, because it can often be a very bumpy ride.

But as you gradually become more and more available to the truth of what you are, you’ll find that ‘hanging in there’ is just what naturally happens. As first, allowing what is may seem to require effort; but as you become established inn awareness you’ll find that what really takes effort is resisting, struggling with what is. WHen you can finally let go of that effort, then being with what is, whatever it is, becomes truly effortless.
Fantastic stuff and I look forward to sharing more about Jon Bernie in the future. He holds regular Satsangs in the SF bay area, and you can see his schedule here: http://www.sf-satsang.org/

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