mooji 225x300 DIscovering Mooji in Arunachala

Having just spent several years of my life trekking around India on a search for answers, it seems more than a little ironic to find out that the one I was looking for was in London all the while, selling incense in Brixton market. Life’s got a big smile on its face over this one. In any case, discovering Mooji has thrown everything upside down. I’ve just now returned from Tiruvanamalai where Mooji was giving his annual free satsangs in the shade of the mighty Arunachala. For ten days I sat and listened, and split my sides with laughter, and watched the tears roll down my cheeks. Self Enquiry can occasionally feel like such a dry process, but with Mooji it’s anything but. He’s got a great gift for storytelling, and it was impossible not to feel – sharing the bamboo hut with other seekers after truth – that this ancient format of master and disciples really was the very same that one might have found in Galilee several thousand years back. For any that might read such claims with scepticism I simply recommend to go and attend a Satsang yourself. It can be tough hearing a constant negation of one’s own personality, but it’s ultimately deeply liberating. Through Mooji, I’ve finally understood that the fundamental nature of all human longing is to return to our true nature: to become the pure subjectivity in which the phenomenal world arises. This is the discovery without which life cannot be complete – and which paradoxically IS life in its completeness.

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